AmericanWarrior is committed to positively changing the lives of our World War II Veterans with a trip to Washington DC, to visit their long-awaited WWII Memorial.

Our Day of Honor trips are funded by donations. AmericanWarrior gladly accepts donations from anyone except WWII Veterans.  We believe that these Veterans have given enough.  In addition to WWII Veterans, the program focuses on any Korean or Vietnam Veteran, who don’t have the means to visit their memorials. Terminally ill veterans have priority.

On September 30th we completed our sixth "AmericanWarrior Day of Honor". To date we have sent over 630 World War II, Korean and Vietnam Veterans on US Air chartered aircraft to Reagan International Airport. During this journey we enjoyed lunch at the WWII Memorial, and then visited the Korean, Vietnam, Air Force, Sea Bee, Navy and Marine Memorials. Amazingly the final cost for this wonderful journey is less then $250 per WWII Veteran. These trips are absolutely free for our Veterans.

During these trips, veterans are escorted and cared for by “Guardians.”  Guardians are next-generation family members and/or volunteers who accompany the veterans on their trip. Flights, meals, tee shirts and deluxe motor coach services are provided at no cost to the WWII Veterans.  The flight returns later that same evening. This “Day of Tribute” costs less then $250 per World War II Veteran and we will send as many veterans as possible. Future trips require additional sponsors. 

For a listing of frequently asked questions on our Day of Honor please visit our FAQ page.

– Founder Christopher Coutu
"AmericanWarriors Day of Honor is a million dollar trip on a $40,000 budget".


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